Terms of Service

Service contract:

1. Prepaid price, excluding destination tariffs. If the recipient refuses to pay the tax, it will be paid by the sender. The reverse price is negotiable;

2. Loss of goods is compensated according to the national express law.

3. The company will not compensate for the following circumstances:

(1) Fragile items are damaged due to the sender's packaging;

(2) After the recipient signs and signs, the claim for loss or damage is filed;

(3) Loss or delay caused by factors such as unknown address, flight schedule, customs reasons, airport equipment or ground handling errors;

(4) Loss, damage or delay caused by typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, natural disasters, terrorist activities, wars or other natural disasters and human irresistible factors;

(5), when the delivery does not indicate the content, quantity, value of the goods, resulting in fewer or lost factors;

(6) Failure to provide a correct and complete invoice (Invoice) at the time of delivery, resulting in delays in customs clearance or customs clearance;

(7) Foreign customs require inspection of goods, formal declaration, request for the recipient to provide proof of origin, payment of customs duties, personal identification, and the fasteners, returns and delays caused by the recipient's refusal to cooperate;

(8) In order to protect your rights and interests, please read these terms carefully before taking the baby. Once you take this baby, you have accepted the terms and conditions of this service contract. If you need to check the documents, please submit them within 20 days of the date of delivery.

Not accepted;

(9), the company implements the payment to the delivery rules, please pay in advance or take a baby payment in our company Taobao and inform the specific address, telephone, recipient and other details;

(10), ★ Payment method: cash, Alipay, company transfer, bank transfer! ★

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